Exploring different ways on how to live a healthy life

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If you are reading this, we are sure of one thing:  you are exploring different ways on how to live a healthy life.  Maybe you have started making healthy choices and need deeper information on good food, or a great fitness regimen.  This is the right website for you! This is a practical, no-fuss and informative blog about living a well-rounded, balanced, and healthy life.  Most of all, it is not a preachy site.  It does not tell you to renounce red meat, and it will never dictate how to live your life.

Instead, this blog will present choices and alternatives to live a healthy life!  This blog will give all the information, provide fun facts, and give practical advice on what a healthy lifestyle entails.  It is now up to each individual to select which diet, workout, or meditation exercise is the best fit for them.

This blog is meant for all types of individuals, as long as they are aware of the importance of living a healthy life and keen to learn many things related to it.  It has something of interest for everyone.  Whatever fitness level you’re at – applesandarteries.com will surely have something for you.  You will read a lot of interesting articles, explore the calorie counter, find the perfect exercise or sports program, get various counsel from doctors and specialists, and read about the stories of real people who have decided to go on a path of wellness. It has something for men, women, children, and families.  It also has special features and health advice for older people.  We will also feature health and wellness events in the community and places such as restaurants, organic markets, and gyms.

Why did we create this blog? Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your family is extremely important these days.  We want to be able to provide a venue and a platform to share important aspects of this healthy life.

We will feature many sides of what is considered a healthy life. What consists of a healthy lifestyle?  Many people may have varied answers to that question, but there are a few common components that are present.

Each day, all readers should expect one interesting post per topic.  The regular, recurring topics that we will write about are the following:  active lifestyle, health and wellness, healthy places, health-related events, and nutrition.

Active lifestyle, one of our main topics, talks about regular physical activity. Regular exercise and an active lifestyle consist of a balanced regimen that results in a healthy heart and strong muscles.  We will feature various regiments that include aerobic, strength-gaining and flexibility activities. Regular exercise has a number of benefits including reducing the risk of acquiring major chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  We will feature articles on how exercise helps the body maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress levels, give us more energy and increase self-esteem.

We will help people find a physical activity that suits them.  People of any age and preferences can incorporate exercise in their daily lives.  Choosing what type of physical activity to engage in would greatly help in motivating a person to lead an active life. We will make our readers realize that gym activities are not limited to weight lifting and machine work anymore.  Most gyms offer a slew of active classes such as yoga, Pilates, hip-hop dance, and many others.

Nutrition, our other main topic, will discuss what a nutritious, well-balanced meal consists of.  We will feature each component – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean meats, and healthy fats.  We will also write about various diet options such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Processed-Free, or Dairy-Free diets.  We feature these diets to give our readers options.  We believe that developing a lifestyle that consists of nutritious food shouldn’t be confusing or restrictive. Some of the things that we can do to achieve a balanced and nutritious diet are portion control, getting more whole grains, limiting processed food, cutting down on animal fat and shunning trans fats.

Each month, we will feature and highlight one health story from ordinary individuals with extraordinary tales to tell about creating and maintaining a healthy life.  This will serve as inspiration that will spur readers to pursue their health goals.  Each month, we will also feature a restaurant that serves healthy food.  We will discuss their food philosophy and their goals for their clients.  Our news feature is a bi-monthly article on the latest news and trends in the world of health, food, fitness and nutrition – and everything else related to it.  We will also feature health and sporting events held at local venues.  Pop-up organic and farmers’ markets, fun runs, marathons, and other related events will be announced here.

The goal of this blog is simple.  We want to create awareness in individuals about healthy living.  From this awareness, we hope to be able to spur them into taking small steps in the right direction.  We wish for them to make their own choices and not dictate our beliefs to them.  We will help them realize that living a healthy life is a great choice through testimonials, informative articles, practical and realistic tips, and suggestions.

We want the individual to be able to create their own healthy living experience with our help and support.  In the future, we hope to be able to inspire our readers to share their experiences with us.

Applesandarteries.com hopes to cover all facets of a healthy lifestyle and make it a go-to resource for people who are pursuing an excellent quality of life.