The Clear Choice For Pee Drug Tests – What makes up a Synthetic Urine?

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The companies that are demanding to take their Urine Drug Test or UDT for employment purposes are giving their potential applicants a hard time. I know that this is also for the safety of the workplace, but for this reason, job hunters hesitate and fail to submit their requirements. Well, I am not saying that we should tolerate the use of illegal drugs, because this is against the law in most countries. But due to the UDT requirement, they have learned to falsify their pee. In fact, it is wrong. However, it is the easiest way to pass the said laboratory exam.

I guess, an individual, who is determined to receive a negative result would surely take the risk to use a fake pee. So, if you are one of these examinees and believes that this fake pee is the answer to your worries, then consider reading sub solution synthetic urine product reviews. Through this, you will learn from the experiences of those who used the product. It is also where you will find the brands and manufacturers with the highest rating. From here, you will also learn how to use the solution confidently. And then, you will also get to know about customer satisfaction and the success rate of every brand.

It is true that a lot of companies today required the UDT for employment. I supposed, they also know that the use of fake pee has been already widespread. Still, they have chosen and required this method. As for the examiners, who have plans of choosing and buying a kit to use, you should know more about the contents of this product. Why do you think is it identical to the real one? Everything that makes up a synthetic pee are important because these substances and compositions will lead to the result that you need. 

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Albumin powder

Are you aware that a human liquid waste comes with protein? Due to the presence of this compound, you can see bubbles after it is withdrawn from the body. 

Now, for the fake sample to have protein, too, an albumin powder is added to the solution. For the bubble effect, the powder may either come from a bovine serum as well as eggs. 

Sometimes, you won’t see bubbles in your piss, right? In my opinion, the presence of this albumin powder would make it look a lot like the real one.

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Sodium Chloride

Another component that must be present in a synthetic piss is the sodium chloride or NaCl. It is commonly known as table salt. Well, I wonder how urine tastes like. But I guess, it is salty since there is usually a great concentration of sodium chloride in a human’s liquid waste.

Anyway, a human body has a certain mechanism, where it needs to get rid of salt. This happens by flushing it out and that is through urination. Therefore, to make a fake one more realistic, they need to add this chemical to make the solution proportional and consistent.

Electrolyte Potassium Chloride

It is also through urinalysis, where the level of potassium is measured. Of course, when they inspect a human specimen, it will normally contain a certain amount of potassium.

To make the false sample resemble the human specimen, the chemists must add the factual level of electrolyte potassium chloride into the solution. Now, when you perform the UDT, it won’t be suspicious when the right level is detected. 

Sodium Phosphate

Do you know that a human liquid waste also contains a specific amount of phosphate? If this component is also detected from an imitated sample, then it will be less doubtful. 

Fooling a urine drug test is not that easy. The laboratory personnel are very meticulous in checking the quantity of every single element of your piss. So, if the brand will contain the most important substances, then it will likely show a more accurate result. 


Chemists need creatinine phosphate to produce creatinine. Synthesizing a particular element is, indeed, an expertise. Buying products without high quality substances will surely lead to a failed result. 

Some people drink plenty of water to fool the result. Actually, this won’t work because they can detect the level of creatinine. Therefore, when the chemists add creatinine to the solution, they have to make sure that correct level was added. Through this, fooling your exam will be more successful.

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Distilled Water

You are surely aware that your urine contains over 95% of water. Using distilled water is very important to the solution because it has to be clean and clear. No adulterants, such as nitrite, glutaraldehyde, bleach as well as hydrogen peroxide must not be present. So that you can assure that the composition will not mess up the result. Even mineral or tap water is not allowed because it is not pure.

If you are going to mix the solution, especially when everything is made of powder, then be very sure that you will add an accurate amount of distilled water. If it is too diluted, too high potency of chemicals or flagged, then your sample will be rejected. By the way, you may learn how to make your own distilled water from this useful reference

Uric Acid

The absence of uric in the synthetic solution may lead to a fraudulent urine drug test. Therefore, before buying the product, check the composition and make sure that uric acid is added. 

You should know that this is an important substance found in a piss and it must be detected to avoid suspicions. It is true that some individuals suffer from gout and uric acid made them feel pain in their feet. But keep in mind that this substance is a normal composition of a human’s liquid waste.

Heating Pad

An individual’s specimen is normally warm with 90 to 100 degrees temperature. Some solution makes use of a heating pad to keep it warm.

In my opinion, this is the safest way to keep the right temperature of the synthetic urine. Some brands may have other ways, but choose the one that is easier to accomplish.