Botany Of Cannabis Is Available Here

Cannabis is originated from the equatorial zone. It has been cultivated since many years. It is a genus of flowering plants within hemp family. It has three major classes namely Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis. It is a dioecious plant having both male and female plants in the same plant, whereas monoecious plants are not usually found. The sexes are differentiated by size and shape before flowering. The female has thick foliage and shorter, while the male is taller and sparsely leafed. It can grow up to the height of 15 to 20 feet.

It is also called as Marijuana or weed. It is a drug which can be used in cigarettes includes joints, pipes etc. It is also having some medicinal purposes and used in the preparation of brownies, cookies, candies etc. This plant contains more than 500 chemicals that are chemically related to THC known as cannabinoids. Growing of this marijuana is legally banned in some regions of our country. It has different names in terms of slangs like herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane.

While cultivating it possess some of the deficiency symptoms. The unhealthy or affected plant looks like:

  • Plant shows wilting symptoms that is leaves are limp and lifeless.
  • Tips or edges of the plant turn into yellow color due to the chlorosis.
  • Plant shows burnt tips, dark green leaves, tips rolled down, yellowing of margins, mottled brown tips, and brown spots on the leaf surface.
  • Roots also show some of the symptoms like roots turn into brown color and undergo wilting.
  • Leaves are cupping in response to heat or due to pest and insects.
  • Bottom leaves slowly turns into yellow color and gradually fall off.
  •  Plant shows some of the nitrogen deficiencies like leave drooping and dropping, hollow stem, brown spots.

It is also attacked by insects, pests and some microbes. The diseases of Cannabis are powdery mildew, Downy mildew, Damping off, Verticillium wilt, Root rot, Leaf septoria, Bud rot etc. These are the some of the diseases which causes damage to the plant. Just try to read more, so that you can come to know more about the particular plant. This kind of plant is really most popular among the developed countries which is really interesting one to know.